Write Pseudocode Design Program Hollywood Movie Rating Guide Users Continuously Enter Val Q30470896

A. Write pseudocode to design a program for the Hollywood MovieRating Guide, in which users continuously enter a value from 0 to4. The value indicates the number of stars they are awarding to theGuide’s featured movie of the week. The program executescontinuously until a user enters a negative number to quit. If auser enters a star value that does not fall within the correctrange, the program should prompt the user continuously until acorrect value is entered. At the end of the program, display theaverage star rating for the movie.

B. Design logic using pseudocode that modifies the movie-ratingprogram above(A) so that a user gets three tries to enter a validrating. After three incorrect entries, the application issues anappropriate message and continues with a new user.

Please do not submit Java, C++, C#, or any otherlanguage-specific syntax.

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