Suppose Receive Phone Call Client Sales Cannot Print Report Printer Research Development Q13309943

. Suppose you receive a phone call from a client in Sales whocannot print a report on a printer in the Research and Developmentdepartment. The report is from a database created on a serverlocated at headquarters. The client tells you that other members ofthe Sales department are able to print to the Research andDevelopment department. You check the printer and you are able tosend a test page to the Research and Development departmentprinter. In 2–3 paragraphs, summarize how you would troubleshootand solve this issue based on the information given in the scenarioand on your answers to the above questions. You must write inparagraph form and explain why you selected the answers A. Canother clients from Inventory Control access resources inheadquarters?D. Restart all routers, verify that all routers aresynchronized, verify that network equipment closet has power, andverify that servers are turned on. I just need help summarizing,how would you go about explaining your answer?

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