Steam Stripper Operating Isothermally 100 C Entering Liquid Stream Contains 00002 Mole Fr Q28643559

. We have a steam stripper operating isothermally at 100°C. Theentering liquid stream contains 0.0002 mole frac nitrobenzene inwater at 100°C. Flow rate of entering liquid is 1 kmol/min. Theentering steam is pure water at 100°C. We desire an outlet liquidmole frac of 0.00001 nitrobenzene. L/V = 12.0. You can assume thattotal liquid and gas flow rates are constant. At 100°C equilibriumin terms of nitrobenzene mole frac is y = 28 x. Find the outletmole fraction of the nitrobenzene in the vapor stream and thenumber of stages. D5.* A packed column 0.0762 m in diameter with3.048 m of Intalox

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