Smiths Security Longer Wants Use Lotus Notes Plan Migrate Business Applications Spreadshe Q30645421

. Smiths Security no longer wants to use Lotus Notes and plan tomigrate this and other business applications (Spreadsheet, Wordprocessing) to the cloud. They are not sure what model to chooseand what applications so are looking to Cloud Jump Consulting PtyLtd to provide some recommendations. They also want to enablecollaboration between staff at the various sites. a) What are themajor differences between the models IaaS, PaaS and SaaS? (5 marks)b) Discuss 2 models (from IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS) that you considermost appropriate for these services and discuss why these modelsare the most appropriate for their mail, spreadsheet, and wordprocessing. (10 marks) c) Recommend one of the two models youdiscussed and advise what the most likely problems that SmithsSecurity will encounter with this model. How would you adviseSmiths Security to deal with these issues? (15 marks) d) Yourreport for this question should be no more than 3 pages.

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