Search Java Web Site Information Use Jtextarea Write Application Webbuy Company Allows Us Q12149273

a. Search the Java Web site for information on how to use aJTextArea. Write an
application for the WebBuy Company that allows a user to composethe three
parts of a complete e-mail message: the “To:”, “Subject:”, and“Message:” text.
The “To:” and “Subject:” text areas should provide a single linefor data entry.
The “Message:” area should allow multiple lines of input and beable to scroll if
necessary to accommodate a long message. The user clicks a buttonto send the
e-mail message. When the message is complete and the Send button isclicked,
the application should display “Mail has been sent!” on a new linein the message
area. Save the file as
b. Modify the JEMail application to include a Clear button that theuser can
click at any time to clear the “To:”, “Subject:”, and “Message:”fields. Save the file

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