Scenario Programmer Developed Application Tracking Sales Multiple Stores Reporting Back C Q27014347

. In this scenario, a programmer has developed an applicationfor tracking the sales at multiple stores and reporting back to acentral database. In an effort to save bandwidth during normalbusiness hours, this is not a real-time application. Reporting datais accumulated throughout the day and is transmitted at night as acomma-separated value (CSV) file to be inserted into the centraldatabase.

This newly developed application is not functioning correctly.The files sent by the stores are being received by the server, butthe data being inserted into the database is not correct. Sectionsare missing, data is in the wrong place. and some portions of thedata are missing. Much to the dismay of the systems administrator,the programmer blames the network for the issue. He is convincedthat the tiles are being corrupted while in transit from the storesto the central database repository. The systems administrator saysthe network is OK and the application is creating a corruptedfile.

Briefly describe what you would do to identify who is correct -the programmer or the systems administrator. What tools would youuse? What results support the programmer? What results support thesystems administrator?

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