Sammy S Seashore Supplies Rents Beach Equipment Kayaks Canoes Beach Chairs Umbrellas Tour Q30539228

. Sammy’s Seashore Supplies rents beach equipment such askayaks, canoes, beach chairs, and umbrellas to tourists. InChapters 3 and 4, you created a Rental class for the company.

Now, make the following change to the class: Currently, a rentalprice is calculated as $40 per hour plus $1 for each minute over afull hour. This means that a customer who rents equipment for 41 ormore minutes past an hour pays more than a customer who waits untilthe next hour to return the equipment. Change the price calculationso that a customer pays $40 for each full hour and $1 for eachextra minute up to and including 40 minutes. Save the file

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