Question 52 Write Argument Using Propositional Wffs Use Statement Letters Shown Using Prop Q10225507

Question 52: write the argument using propositional wffs (usethe statement letters shown) Using propositional logic, prove theargument is valid.

If the birds are flying south and the leaves are turning, thenit must be fall. Fall brings cold weather. The leaves are turningbut the weather is not cold. Therefore, the birds are not flyingsouth. B, L, F, C

B = the birds are flying south

L = the leaves are turning

F = it must be Fall

C = cold weather

[ (B ^ L) –> F ] ^ ( F –> C) ^ L ^ C’ –> B’

Do I have the argument set up correctly? Can I get helpsolving?

1. (B ^ L) –> F hyp

2. F –> C hyp

3. L hyp

4. C’ hyp

5. ( B ^ L )’ v F 1, imp

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