Question 5 Explain Security Testing Important Web Site Involves Confidential Information G Q23297229

Question 5

Explain why security testing is important for any web site thatinvolves confidential information, what can go wrong?

Question 6

Describe three of the browser options that might affect theperformance of a complex Web site

Question 7

Explain penetration testing and why it is important in ensuringthe security of an Internet-facing application

Question 8

Describe three of the most common requirements for “secure”software

Question 9

Explain the difference between a threat and a vulnerability insecurity testing

Question 10

Explain why in testing it is important to understand the targetaudience.

Web sites usually have a front-end and a back-end. The front-endcan usually be tested using white box testing,why is this? Give anexample of the information that might be readily available to testthe size of an input field on a form and whether it is mandatory ornot.

Question 2

Web site testing may involve compatibility testing acrossmultiple browsers. You are testing the Marynet web site, what 4browsers might you select and why?

Question 3

Why is load testing so important for an e-commerce site?

Question 4

Cookies can be an important part of a Web application. Explainhow you might test cookies to see if they are working.

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