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Question 41 When using an IDE, what must you do to use a classthat’s stored in a library? a. Nothing. Classes in libraries areautomatically available. b. Code an import statement for the class.c. Add the library to your project. d. Both b and c. 2 pointsQuestion 42 An enumeration inherits methods from which of thefollowing classes? a. java.lang.Object b. java.lang.Enum c. both aand b d. neither a nor b 2 points Question 43 You can use____________ within a javadoc comment to apply formatting to thetext when it’s displayed. 2 points Question 44 Which of thefollowing is not true about generated Java documentation? a. Itlists all public methods of the class. b. It lets you view classesby package. c. It indicates the package that a class belongs to. d.It includes the code that implements each documented method. 2points Question 45 A __________ is typically stored in a JAR fileand contains one or more packages that you want to make availableto other projects.

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