Question 26 Error Occurs Application Running Known User Error B Syntax Error C Runtime Er Q30592655

Question 26 An error that occurs after an application is runningis known as a a. user error b. syntax error c. runtime error d.logic error 2 points Question 27 When a breakpoint is reached whileyou’re debugging an application with an IDE, you can view thevalues of the available __________________. 2 points Question 28What happens when this statement is executed? Automobile car = newAutomobile(1); a. The default constructor in the Automobile classis called. b. An object of the Automobile class is created. c. Aconstructor that accepts a string in the Automobile class iscalled. d. An object of the Automobile class is declared, but notcreated. 2 points Question 29 Which of these statements is not trueabout the method that follows? public void deposit(Date date,double amt) { this.balance += amt; this.printDeposit(accountNum,date, amt); } a. printDeposit is a static method b. printDeposit islocated in the same class c. balance is an instance variable d.accountNum is declared outside of the method 2 points Question 30What is the name of the class that contains this code? privateClock clock; private Alarm alarm; public AlarmClock(Date time){…}a. Clock b. can’t determine the class name from the informationgiven c. Alarm d. AlarmClock

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