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Question 21 (2 points)

Question 21 Unsaved

The three main goals of computer security are:

Question 21 options:

Confidentiality, protection, and reliability.

Confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Detection, response, and correction.

Confidentiality, performance, and reliability.

Detection, protection, and access control.


Question 22 (2 points)

Question 22 Unsaved

Which of the following considerations is NOT a factor in theeconomics of data protection

Question 22 options:

All of the choices are principal factors

Storage costs

Time to achieve partial or full recovery

Value of data

Point in time recovery requirement (last second, minute, hour,day, …)

Question 24 (2 points)

Question 24 Unsaved

Within the context of larger organizations, which of thefollowing is NOT a characteristic of role-basedaccess control

Question 24 options:

Simplifies administration when the privileges of users arechanged

Establishes a N:1 relationship between users and accessprivilege assignment

Requires a role engineering activity prior to implementation

All of the choices are characteristics of role-based accesscontrol

Was an approach to access control largely pioneered by the U.S.National Institute of Standards & Technology


Question 25 (2 points)

Question 25 Saved

Within the context of Information Assurance and Security, whichof the following offer the most complete set of Black Swanattributes.

Attribute 1 – surprise

Attribute 2 – risk

Attribute 3 – danger

Attribute 4 – statistically likely to occur

Question 25 options:

Attributes 1 and 3

Attributes 1, 2, and 3

Attributes 2 and 4

Attributes 3 and 4

Attributes 1 and 2

Attributes 2, 3, and 4


Question 26 (1 point)

Question 26 Unsaved

Protecting national critical infrastructure requires developingindividual, free-standing plans for each sector and updating themon a regular basis.

Question 26 options:



Question 27 (2 points)

Question 27 Unsaved

Our old buddies Alice and Bob are sending messages again. Alicereceives the message 106 from Bob, knowing n = 32283 and a = 137.Bob knows b = 233. Bob had 15716 to send. What is the correctmethod that Bob used to determine the message to send to Alice?

Question 27 options:

(15716)^137 mod 32283

(15716)^233 mod 32283

(15716)^32283 mod 233

(15716)^32283 mod 233

(15716)^233 mod 137

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